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XT8 - SENTRY Multirole Drone platform

Designed for extended range over 60km, 5kg payload capacity and an array of available carry-on equipment.

Payload Versatility

The XT8 comes equipped with two individually controlled mounting points / release systems allowing both package delivery applications, loudspeaker attachments, and other "deliveries".


GEP XT8 - Sentry

Flight time: 60 min +
Range: Unlimited LTE
Payload release systems - Payload delivery winch - All-Weather operation

XT8 DRONE in thessaloniki

XT8 for public safety

Sentry can also carry and control megaphones up to 25W with ease. For public safety notifications, crowd control and everything in between.

FYI: A 25W megaphone is audible from ~1KM from an altitude of 100m.

Image by Tony Stoddard

Unlimited range - 4G LTE Control

XT8's onboard companion computer allows all data and video to be streamed through available 4G GSM (mobile) networks, enabling command and control from any location and virtually any internet connected device (Android, iOS, PC).

In addition to that XT8 uses a companion computer able to to process 1080p 30fps video for real-time onboard image processing.

Platform Specifications

Max. Speed
100 km/h
Cruise speed
55 km/h
Max Distance
Communication Range
4G Unlimited | 20km Direct
Payload control
2x independent
Flight Time (empty)
67 mins
Flight Time (2.5kg )
30 mins
Max. Payload
5 kg
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